Art and design were once viewed as disparate disciplines, but the blurring of the two is the focus of a new group show at Shanghai’s Gallery All. Curated by Violet Wang, “First of All” brings together a celebrated cast of artists, designers and art collectives who ruminate on the creative possibilities found at this cross-section.

“The creations in this exhibition imply a fresh artistic experience at a time when the visual has generally become people’s primary reality,” Wang said in a statement. Amongst the list of celebrated figures, James Jean presents a gleaming sculpture titled Descendent. Measuring at 10-feet tall, the Taiwanese-American artist depicts an upside-down child cast in mirror-polished stainless steel. This free-falling premise has shown to be a constant within Jean’s career — where the process of artmaking can be equated to floating in between the worlds of fantasy and reality.

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“First of All” is an eclectic blend of work that ranges sculpture to furniture design. The exhibition will be on view at Gallery All until March 6, 2022.

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Gallery ALL
66 Yuyao Road,
Shanghai, China
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