Beneath this December 11 Instagram carousel, Playboi Carti fans clamored for news of Whole Lotta Red, but the artist was actually revealing a “whole lot” about the upcoming album, which later released on Christmas Day. HYPEBEAST explores all the inspirations he referenced and collaborations he teased in this episode of TAGGED: a video series devoted to diving beneath the surface of influential social media posts to find their hidden meanings.

Starting with Carti’s statement-making vampy outfit — comprised primarily of garments designed by Matthew Williams’ Givenchy — and going all the way down to the details of the various horror film stills incorporated throughout the post. You can even notice, for instance, similarities between Carti’s pose and actor Klaus Kinski’s performance as Count Dracula.

We also get a few hints about Kanye West’s involvement in Whole Lotta Red (which he both featured on and executive produced) in the form of a conspicuous fleet of heavily customized Sherp ATVs, images from Kanye’s Montana properties and a photo of the man himself.

For more on these details and more, check out the full installment of HYPEBEAST’s TAGGED.

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