Swatch has developed an entirely new watchmaking material, a mix of ceramic and a bioplastic produced using castor oil.

The Bioceramic debuts as the case material of a 47mm Big Bold watch, released in five muted colours; black, white, light grey, sky blue and powder pink.

The mix of two thirds ceramic, one third bioplastic and a pigment produces a robust, lightweight material offering scratch resistance and a tactile ‘soft touch’ finish. The watches are complemented by colour-matched bioplastic straps and keepers.

The watch’s lack of a dial and steep internal wall pulls focus on the hands and the architectural structure of the case while showing off the simplicity of its quartz movement.

Swatch has developed the Bioceramic material to be compatible with its existing machinery and intends to make use it throughout its  collection, although the brand states there is no intention to use it to entirely replace plastic in its watches.

The Big Bold Bioceramic drops on April 15 via Swatch, priced £108 GBP ($149 USD).

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