Sotheby’s has become the first auction house to launch its own dedicated NFT marketplace, called the Metaverse. The British-founded, American-based corporation has worked with a number of digital artists this year that reflects the unquestionable rise of NFTs across all sectors of the art world.

The new NFT marketplace is backed by a list of celebrities and digital artists, such as Steve Aoki and Paris Hilton, to Pranksy and straybits. Sotheby’s aims to create a gathering point for the world of digital artists, NFT enthusiasts, and collectors. Having entered the game just earlier in the year, the auction house aims to use its “expertise and curation to the burgeoning world of art for the digitally native generation,” said Sotheby’s managing director, Sebastian Fahey.

The Sotheby’s Metaverse will commence with the second installment of its “Natively Digital” sale, which will be called “Natively Digital 1.2: The Collectors.” The sale will feature 53 works that include Bored Ape Yacht Club‘s and art from Kevin Abosch, to an interesting cover design by Time magazine’s creative director, D.W. Pine. Bidding for the second “Natively Digital” will take place from October 18 to 26.

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