It feels like Saturday Night Live is upping the number of musical sketches each episode, and we wholeheartedly approve! During Nick Jonas’s Feb. 27 hosting debut, the “Spaceman” singer joined several SNL cast members for a pretaped skit that brought the hard reality of bachelor parties to the spotlight.

Jonas plays the best man of Beck Bennett and the host extraordinaire, who hired two exotic dancers (Ego Nwodim and Heidi Gardner) to perform at the bachelor party. The women introduce their bit but are immediately interrupted as the men break out into song one by one, singing about upholding the long tradition of getting “boners” while with their friends. “I’m going to marry the woman that I love, but first a tradition long spoken of,” Bennett croons to the audience. “I’ve waited for this moment all of my life, to get hard with my friends before I marry my wife.”

“I love getting hard with my homies, boned up next to my pals,” Jonas adds. “You only get one bachelor party — you might as well spend it aroused!” By the end of the skit, the men are all enthusiastically aroused, but it’s much to the dancers’ confusion. They reveal they didn’t even do anything because everyone sang about their “stiffy dingdongs” the whole time. Watch the music video above!

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