The Dynamics & Lightweighting Study – Turbo (DLS-T) project from Singer, the vehicle design house known for restoring and reimagining 1989 to 1994 Porsche 911s, based on the 964 chassis, has outdone itself with its latest work.

Singer shared that “the process begins when the owner of a Type 964 Porsche 911 sends their car to Singer with the request to carry out a personalized restoration,” adding “These latest restoration services result in the Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer – DLS Turbo.”

The automotive design house explained that only a limited number of restorations will be commissioned in collaboration with owners and that the vehicles have been designed to celebrate the victorious 934/5 endurance racers of the 1970s.

In a first look at Singer’s latest project, Top Gear wrote that the 700bhp DLS-T is “one of the most outrageous cars of the decade,” and that the design is an exciting departure from the brand’s “beautifully executed, but relatively surreptitious,” works of the past.

The Singer DLS-T is an awe-inspiring project that showcases the perfect fusion of power and design. Drawing inspiration from classic Le Mans racers, this limited-edition car takes the best elements from Singer’s previous Porsche creations and brings them to new creative heights.

With its striking appearance and exceptional performance, the DLS-T commands attention — especially its rear wing, reminiscent of Le Mans prototypes, adding a touch of aggression and aerodynamic prowess. Singer will also be offering the vehicle with a ducktail, for those looking for a less extravagant rear profile. Better still, owners can have it both ways, according to Singer’s found Rob Dickinson.

“The idea is that some owners prefer their restoration to be track-focused, with a larger rear wing and more aggressive front bumper, while others prefer a road-focus, with the ducktail,” said Dickinson, adding “However, if the owner wants ultimate freedom of choice, they may request both, and the extra front and rear will come in a set of flight cases.”

Singer has designed the DLS-T to represent not only an automotive work of art but also a testament to its engineering, with a powerful 700bhp engine that delivers exhilarating performance on demand. Paired with advanced suspension and downforce systems, the vehicle is designed to deliver an extraordinary driving experience for enthusiasts of all levels.

“But not crazy, super downforce, it’s not a race car or a car focused on lap times,” said Singer’s CEO, Mazen Fawaz, adding that “While the aim of the DLS was perfect balance and connection, here we wanted to recreate the vibe of an old school super sports car… and the car I have in mind is a Ferrari F40. The idea is that you have this bonkers, high boost, manual car, but you can wield it, you don’t have to be a racing driver.”

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