Serendipity3, known for its famous frozen hot chocolate, will be celebrating August birthdays with a new “Have Your Cake and Eat It Too” special. Guests who order the “It’s My Birthday Cake Sundae” will also receive a gift package from the NYC restaurant.

The sundae features a large slice of colorful birthday cake with cake batter ice cream and whipped cream. Yes, there’s a cherry on top as well. The complimentary gift package includes a Serendipity3 hat and shirt, stickers and a Serendipity Brands pint of ice cream with a spoon.

“We love to see many of our guests celebrate their birthdays at Serendipity3 and create special lasting memories at the restaurant,” said Chef Joe Calderone, Creative Director of Serendipity3. “We strive to make every visit to Serendipity3 a special one for patrons and the birthday packages will be a sweet surprise to help make their birthday celebrations even more special.”

Serendipity3 has been known for its food and crafty deserts. As such the restaurant has amassed a large following, which includes celebrities such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Cher and more. Recently, Selena Gomez became a new partner and investor of the NYC establishment. Earlier month, the restaurant finally reopened with an extensive upgrade following being closed for over a year.

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