The Roblox Corporation, the company behind popular online game platform and game creation system Roblox, went public this week shocking the financial and gaming worlds. With over 100 million users and a loyal fan base that spans from young to old, The Roblox Corporation ended its first day of trading just shy of $70 USD pushing its valuation to $45 billion USD.

Although the immense value of the company has been noted in the past years, the staggering valuation greatly exceeds its 2018 valuation of $2.5 billion USD and $38 billion USD expectation. To offer a bit of context, Bethesda, the name behind hit games like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Doom, was recently bought by Microsoft for $7.5 billion USD and one of the only few developers worth more is Activision Blizzard ($70 billion USD).

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