London-based label RÆBURN has returned with its Spring/Summer 2021 collection. For this season, the label introduces its new RÆJUVENATE concept, celebrating previously unused materials which are then given a new lease of life through the design process.

Underpinning all of this is RÆBURN’s central RÆMADE philosophy, with every single item being constructed at the label’s East London studio. The pieces are all produced from fabrics in the brand’s material archive, including a range of wet-weather poncho liners dressed in a Universal Digital camouflage. While the item was once used as blankets or shelter, RÆBURN has transformed them into outerwear and accessories.

Elsewhere, the brand presents a series of T-shirts and Laundered garments using spray-painted dapple motifs, designed in collaboration with AATB, a design practice focusing on robotics and human-machine interactions. This collection has then been presented in a digital campaign produced alongside artist Maria Pereira.

Launching the campaign, founder Chris Raeburn said, “We need to design new systems, new ways of working; Spring Summer 2021 is about looking for that better future. RÆJUVENATE redefines newness; through digital innovation, robotics, and above all by thinking differently about what the future of our industry might bring.”

Take a look through the campaign in the gallery above, and visit the RÆBURN site for more information on the collection.

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