Kate McKinnon’s knack for making her Saturday Night Live costars break character is truly applause-worthy. The actress showed off this fine-tuned skill while appearing in a sketch alongside host and musical guest Billie Eilish during the variety show’s Dec. 11 episode, and their on-screen dynamic still has us cracking up days later. For the commercial-style skit, Eilish and McKinnon respectively suit up as Kathlyn and Kathreen, two front-desk employees at the highly unglamorous Business Garden Inn & Suites & Hotel Room Inn.

While dryly rattling off the lodging’s very unimpressive amenities — including “tiny soap in plastic” and “phone that blinks” — it quickly becomes evident that Eilish is trying her best to not crack. McKinnon’s deadpan delivery and creepy smile winds up getting the best of Eilish, who lets out a few restrained, whimpering chuckles and even swats away McKinnon’s hand at one point. Watch the full sketch above to enjoy Eilish hilariously struggling to keep her composure while advertising the hotel that “puts the hospital in hospitality.”

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