As much as Pharrell receives wide acclaim for his chart-topping records and his adidas footwear collaborations, he’s also widely revered for the way that he takes care of his body and skin. In 2020, the creative polymath finally launched his own unisex Humanrace skin care line that featured a rice powder cleaner, exfoliator and a moisturizer, and now he’ll be expanding the brand into another wellness category: bodycare.

For this new initiative, Pharrell is launching a duo of soap-free body products including the Whiteclay Body Bar and the Charcoal Body Bar. The former is made up of Kaolin Clay and Snow Mushroom Extract, both of which are designed to keep the skin hydrated without compromising moisture. The latter is produced with Rice Powder and Charcoal Powder and is crafted to refine the texture of your skin. Dropping alongside these products is a Body Bar Ceramic Dish so that the aforementioned items have a place to rest.

“The Body Bars mark Humanrace’s latest entry into a new category. We’re continuing to expand how you can care for your wellbeing by offering a routine for your body. I’m proud of the work we’ve done to enter the body care category, and we’re excited to show the world what’s next,” said Rachel Muscat, Humanrace’s President.

For parties that are interested in purchasing the products, you can find them all launching on November 22 via the Humanrace website. The bars will cost $16 USD a pop and the dish will retail for $75 USD.

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