Paulina Porizkova has been fighting back against aging stereotypes on her Instagram account for several years now, but that doesn’t mean the supermodel doesn’t have her own insecurities at times. The 57-year-old celebrity openly discussed what sometimes triggers her in a vulnerable Instagram post.

She shared a professional snapshot of her face to show what she really looks like — raw and untouched. Porizkova wants her followers to see that “this is the face of 57 year old woman” where “all the so-called ‘imperfections’ of age [are] clearly visible.” (See the photo HERE.) Revealing that it makes her feel “simultaneously insecure and proud,” she wants her fans to understand her battles in this season of life. “I have lost the smooth glow and prettiness of youth, but I have gained character,” she wrote.

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Porizkova struggles with the “trade-off” that youth is often about your looks and age is often about your character, and she added, “As a society, we celebrate one far more than the other- so it’s no wonder the balance is off. ” She wanted to make sure that her followers understood that she can talk about breaking down societal aging stereotypes, but she still fights her negative inner voices just like anyone else. “And despite my philosophizing – I’m still battling with it myself,” she said. “If only I could fully see myself the way I see you.”

Judging from the comments on her post, Porizkova’s message is being heard. She’s not the only one out there who is struggling with aging because there are so many negative connotations associated with it. She’s trying to celebrate this time in her life, but there are days that even she gets down about it — because she’s human.

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