Truthfully, celebrity relationships are one of our favorite things. From the adorable, publicized meet-cutes to the details we hear in interviews, we can’t get enough of them. And one of our favorite parts of celebrity relationships is finding out how they met. Some meet on set, some meet through their mutual friends, and some meet in the oddest circumstances. And some of our favorite stories are about how celebrities like Matt Damon, Reese Witherspoon, and more met and fell in love with their non-celebrity partners.

Yes, Cinderella stories happen all the time, even in Hollywood romances. It may seem like celebrities all date one another, not even glancing at those that aren’t on the silver screen — but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. From Ariana Grande’s surprise relationship with her real estate agent to some celebrities dating those who work behind the scenes, romance is everywhere — and we love hearing about when some of our favorite A-listers fell for “regular people.”

Regular folk like bartenders, ad executives, and even high school friends have married A-listers despite preferring to stay out of the public eye themselves, and we love the origin stories for all these pairings. Check out some of our favorite celebrity relationships where one celebrity and one regular person tied the knot.

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