Here’s just hoping someone is luring her away from the White House with dozens of waffles.

On Wednesday, fans of “Parks and Recreation” couldn’t help but wonder how Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) would have responded to Joe Biden’s inauguration.

In the NBC comedy, Poehler’s character made it no secret that she had a massive crush on the now-46th president, describing her ideal man as having “the brains of George Clooney in the body of Joe Biden.”

The then-vice president even played himself in a 2012 episode in which Knope’s fiancé, Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott), surprises her by setting up a brief meeting with Biden. In the scene, a smitten and tongue-tied Knope stares longingly into Biden’s eyes, suggests to him that she take then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s position, and demands that a Secret Service agent protect him like “precious cargo.”

Biden also made a second cameo with now-first lady Jill Biden in the series finale in 2015.

Due to this, many had a whole lot of fun imagining how bonkers Knope would be watching Biden be sworn in as president, causing “Leslie Knope” to trend on Twitter on Inauguration Day.

Several “Parks and Recreation” cast members also joined in on the inauguration fun.

Scott shared a clip of his character shaking Biden’s hand on the show on Tuesday.

After Biden was sworn in, Scott shared a GIF of Knope dancing with the phrase “IT’S OVER.”

Retta, who played Donna Meagle on the show, responded with “Yasssssss. Leggo Joe!”



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