Oscar Isaac admitted that he was very hesitant to join Marvel‘s Moon Knight after the end of the latest Star Wars trilogy.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor initially expected to take “an extended break from acting” after filming The Rise of Skywalker in October 2018, but his tone changed when he signed on for Denis Villeneuve‘s Dune. He then joined Paul Schrader’s The Card Counter, which wrapped in mid-2020, and by fall he was in talks to do Moon Knight without actually taking the break he wanted two years ago.

“I had so much hesitation. So much,” Isaac shared. “I was like, ‘I just finally got out of a long time of being a part of the Star Wars universe,’ which I loved doing, but it definitely took up a lot of my time. So I was excited to get back to more character studies and smaller films. But this came my way, and my instinct at first was like, ‘This is probably not the right thing to do.’ But there was just something about the Steven character that was speaking to me a little bit.”

He also revealed that his younger brother and fellow actor Michael Hernandez served as his scene partner to allow him to play the two versions of Steven Grant, his character in Moon Knight. “[Michael Hernandez] would play whichever character I wasn’t playing in the moment,” Isaac explained. “So, sometimes, I’d have to arrive on set and decide which character I wanted to play first. And I’d rehearse it as that character, and then I’d play the other character and give notes to my brother. And then I’d figure out the blocking, the energy, all of that stuff, and make those decisions before cameras rolled, which is tough. Usually, as an actor, the thing that you really look forward to is the unexpected. That’s how you find spontaneity. So that was one of the big technical challenges of the show.”

Moon Knight premieres March 30 on Disney+.

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