It sounds like Naughty Dog is working on a new native PS5 version of The Last Of Us Part 2, to go along with the remake of the first game.

Considering it’s one of the most acclaimed games of the modern era, and has been adapted into an award-winning TV show, The Last Of Us Part 1 was a surprisingly unpopular release. Many felt it was an unnecessary remake, and a waste of developer Naughty Dog’s time, and then when the PC version turned out to be a bug-filled mess it became a full-on disaster.

The reason many fans were against the remake is that despite it essentially being a PlayStation 3 game, the PlayStation 4 remaster still looked very good and worked fine on the PlayStation 5. Plus, the remake didn’t really change or add anything of significance.

Like many PlayStation 4 games (but not, frustratingly, Bloodborne) The Last Of Us Part 2 did get a PlayStation 5 update almost as soon as the console came out but now it sounds like it’s getting a new native PlayStation 5-only edition as well.

The news was leaked by series composer Gustavo Santaolalla, who spoke about his cameo in the original version of the game, where he’s one of the background characters.

You can’t interact with him in any way, he’s just there, but according to a new interview in Spanish there’s a ‘new edition’ where you can ‘make me play certain themes.’

Whether he thinks the new edition has already been announced isn’t clear, but this is the first anyone’s heard of it – although it does make sense given how keen Sony is to take advantage of the TV show’s success.

What other new features the game might have are hard to guess, but no doubt Naughty Dog will be upgrading the graphics, to take full advantage of the PlayStation 5’s abilities.

Naughty Dog has already started work on their next game but there’re conflicting reports on whether it’s The Last Of Us Part 3 or not.

They are a big studio, so could easily take on a major release and a remake at the same time, but two big budget titles at once is not something they’ve ever done before – and very unusual in the wider industry.

Mind you, it does seem as if they’ve recently reduced the team working on their The Last Of Us multiplayer spin-off to a skeleton crew, so maybe they do have extra capacity after all.

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