Sony has started a new series of weird new live action TV adverts for both Horizon Forbidden West and this year’s Spider-Man 2.

In shock news, Sony has announced that eagerly awaited PlayStation 5 game Spider-Man 2 will be released this spring, not autumn as they previously stated. Or at least that’s what a new advert from Australia says, where the seasons are switched in the southern hemisphere.

In truth, the new ad for the game doesn’t provide any new information but the fact that it is live action is a bit weird, especially as it seems to be part of a new series of adverts pretending to be fake news reports about various games.

Last year’s Horizon Forbidden West, which is getting new DLC and a VR spin-off this year, is also part of the campaign, although it’s hard to tell if Aloy is live action or not as she never looks at the camera.

Although you can understand why companies made live action adverts in generations past there really seems no need for it nowadays, when in-game visuals are so good, but Sony has always been keen on them.

These ones, and perhaps others, were apparently shown on ESPN in Australia, and they look expensive enough that sooner or later they’ll turn up elsewhere in the world.

Even if you ignore the live action angle this does seem like an odd time of the year to start a new marketing campaign, since January is traditionally one of the quietest periods of the year for video games – especially in terms of hardware sales.

It’s unclear why Sony is doing this now, but it may have something to do with the launch of the PlayStation VR2 on February 22, although the headset is not mentioned in any of these two ads and has no connection – as far as anyone knows – to Spider-Man 2.

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