Fans have just received their first glimpse into the gameplay of Sonic Frontiers. Coming out later this year, the seven minutes of footage shows Sonic sprinting across a sprawling green open world, facing off in a battle and more.

In one clip, Sonic scales monuments by jumping on turbocharged pads built into the stone. At certain points, he’s able to gain enough traction to simply sprint up the side of the building.

Other snippets show some of the puzzles that Sonic must solve to proceed in the game, one being a seemingly simplistic tile puzzle. Overall, most of the footage is of the hedgehog running around the stone monuments scattered around the landscape.

Some fans are comparing Sonic’s new open-world to that of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, although Sonic Frontiers appears to be a bit simpler in its design. One Twitter user jokingly referred to the game as “Sonic: Breath of the Wild.”

Watch the new gameplay footage, courtesy of IGN, for Sonic Frontiers above.

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