Spottings of new murals and installations scattered throughout five English coast towns are believed to be the work of world-renowned street artist Banksy.

Found in Lowestoft, Gorleston, Oulton Broad, Cromer and Great Yarmouth in England, the stenciled works exhibit the mysterious artist’s trademarks but are yet to be claimed by his representatives.

Three works popped up in Lowestoft with one featuring a large seagull hovering over an actual dumpster and another of a child holding a shovel placed near a mound of pavement sand portraying the act of building a sandcastle. Within the town’s Nicholas Everitt Park near the Oulton Broad, another painting was made out showing three children playing on a little boat. Originally an actual prow was attached to the wall but was temporarily removed by the Oulton Broad Parish Council due to the weather. A message along with the artwork reads, “We’re all in the same boat.”

In Gorleston, an arcade crane game lingers above a bench as to seemingly pick up pedestrians. While in Cromer, a hermit crab holds up a sign reading “luxury rentals only,” which spotlights Banksy’s known political tendencies.

Another potential work of the artist is located in Great Yarmouth which features a couple dancing along with an accordion player above a bus shelter. Among the town’s Merivale Model Village, a new cottage was added with a stencil of a rat and the words “Go Big or Go Home” sprayed on one side, while the name “Banksy” covers another side of the mini home.

“Banksy has clearly been enjoying an East Anglian staycation: these are very sophisticated stencils showing an artist at the top of his game,” Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Arts University Bournemouth, Paul Gough stated to BBC.

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