According to reports, New Balance is now being sued for falsely marketing its sneakers as being “MADE IN THE USA.” Standing out from its competition, New Balance has long pushed its commitment to quality with prices to match with its American-made markings. But a new lawsuit is now noting that the brand has been practicing false advertising with its releases.

Plaintiffs Matthew Cristostomo, Anthony Bollini, Spencer Verrilla, Derrick Evans, Clifton Bradley and Robert Kaminsky claim that New Balance’s is misrepresenting the quality of its sneakers with its American flag tongue badges, “MADE IN THE USA” and “Made in the US for over 75 years” markings. Noting that the aforementioned elements have misled consumers and do not meet federal statutory standards.

Further in the filing, the plaintiffs claim that as much as 30% of the parts of New Balance shoes are imported overseas or made with foreign labor. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) statutory “American” standard requires “all or almost all” of a product to be made in the United States. “All the important parts and processing of the product must come from the United States.” While New Balance currently sources its soles, “an important aspect of the shoes,” from two Chinese companies. The plaintiffs also express that simply adding a disclaimer is not enough to educate customers about the true manufacturing origins of New Balance products.

Stay tuned for more information regarding New Balance’s lawsuit as there is no official ruling just yet.

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