For Spring 2023, N.Hoolywood’s Test Product Exchange Service collection transports to the ’80s. Designer Daisuke Obana, an oracle in antique military fashion, was galvanized by the decade’s special-mission soldier uniforms — but it’s more than just the clothes that revive the time period. Replicating video work from the era, the designs are pictured on models in a vintage gym with an analog film finish.

While vintage-inspired, the line is very much contemporary in its construction. Textiles embrace performance in polyester, and utilitarian design codes find their place at the fore. Drawstring closures grant entrance to pockets in several outerwear iterations, while sleeves and necklines are cinched similarly in others. The range is largely neutral in color, aside from the occasional strike of green, which notably commands a crewneck sweater and matching, relaxed trousers.

Historical references become apparent in collared shirts and cargo pants equipped with utility pockets and straps. Shorts cut from the knee to mid-thigh, depending on their intended performance, and one windbreaker proves breathable with sleeves that open halfway up the arm. In loungewear, quarter-zip pullover sweaters arrive confidently oversized, and hoodies provide comfort in various gray tones. Overall, the collection prioritizes the necessities, taking up just enough space with a functional-first ethos.

Take a look at N.HOOLYWOOD TEST PRODUCT EXCHANGE SERVICE’s Spring 2023 collection in the gallery above. The first delivery from the range will launch on the brand’s website, its domestic stores and international stockists on Saturday, February 11.

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