Microsoft has recently expanded the availability of its generative AI-powered assistant, Copilot, to Windows 10 Users. The approach here seems to be to offer users who are either still using Windows 10, or who have incompatible devices with Windows 11, to experience the AI assistant — it’s worth noting that this demographic makes up 69 percent of Windows-based desktop users at the time of writing.

To access Copilot, users must be part of the Windows Insider tester program and install aon a compatible Windows 10 Home or Pro device. However, Microsoft has indicated that eligibility for Copilot may not be immediate, advising users to enable automatic updates for quicker access once their device is confirmed as compatible.

Being in the program and getting access is just the start, interested users will need to make sure they meet the specific system requirements to then run Copilot. This requires a minimum of 4GB of RAM and a display adapter supporting at least 720p resolution. At the time of writing, the preview is limited to select markets like North America and various parts of Asia and South America, with plans for expanded access not yet mentioned.

Other current restrictions, for Copilot on Windows 10, though minor, include incompatible with taskbars positioned on the left or right of the display, a lack of support for multi-monitor setups and excluded access for Pro machines managed by organizations.

For those on Windows 10 who can access, the tool is accessible through an icon on the right side of the taskbar and can be used to answer questions or ideate, manage Windows features, interact with documents and more.

Once available, users can activate Copilot by clicking its icon on the right side of the taskbar. Copilot enables users to ask questions, manage Windows features, and interact with documents. Although its functionality on Windows 10 is slightly different due to the absence of some Windows 11 features, it still offers a range of AI-based capabilities.

In related news, ChatGPT’s voice chat feature is now available for all free users.
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