Microsoft has just announced the latest devices in its popular Surface line at a media event in New York City. The brand also unveiled that Copilot, its latest venture into AI that was announced earlier this year, will be woven into the fabric of its Windows 11 operating system and will be available natively across a variety of tasks and applications.

The updated Surface Laptop Studio 2 is the clear standout and happens to also be the most powerful Surface the brand has ever built. It builds on its predecessor’s success by introducing speed and power the brand claims will rival the best laptops out now, going so far as to claim this new device can demonstrate “up to 2x more graphics performance than MacBook Pro M2 Max”. Microsoft’s new flagship laptop includes the latest Inter Core processors and NVIDIA Studio tools, as well as a large 14.4″ PixelSense Flow touchscreen display – it’s worth noting that Apple has yet to throw its hat into the touchscreen-on-a-laptop race, and these latest products firmly cement the brand’s position as leader. The Surface Laptop Studio 2 can be used as a regular laptop, folded down into a flat (if chunky) tablet style, or used as a somewhere in the middle with an articulating screen that can be placed in the mid

The Surface Laptop Go 3 arrives at the end of the spectrum: a lightweight, accessibly priced device, it comes in 4 c0lors and also includes the series’ signature touchscreen abilities. Whilst it lacks the facial identification feature of the more powerful device, the Laptop Go 3 bring back the fingerprint sensor (seen on last year’s Laptop Go 2), an Intel Core i5 processor, and promises “all-day battery life” according to a press release from the brand. It isn’t workhorse, but for those looking for a simple, elegantly designed laptop for light work, it’s a strong choice.

Both devices are available for pre-order now, with the Surface Laptop Studio 2 starting at $1,999 USD and the Surface Laptop Go 3 starting at a more wallet-friendly $799 USD.

In other news, Microsoft reportedly wants to buy Nintendo.

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