Meta has offered a first look at its new high-end Project Cambria virtual reality headset. Likened internally as a “laptop for the face,” Cambria is set to arrive as Meta’s most powerful headset to date with specs similar to that of its Chromebook. The major difference between the Cambria and existing Quest wearables is its new mixed-reality feature dubbed full-collar passthrough, which provides a filtered high-resolution view of surroundings via outward-facing cameras.

Facial recognition and eye-tracking capabilities will also reflect users’ real-life expressions onto their virtual avatars. Reportedly pitched as a work device, Cambria will be compatible with a wide range of web tools and Quest apps which will allow wearers to easily send emails or write code while wearing the device.

Project Cambria is expected to be heavier than the Quest headsets, due to a larger battery, and priced significantly more at $799 USD compared to Quest’s $299 USD and $399 USD pricetags. Look for Cambria to release this September, followed by the introduction of three new headsets by the end of 2024 including Cambria’s successor codenamed Funston, new Quest VR headsets, and Meta’s first augmented reality glasses.

Elsewhere in tech, Sony is rumored to release a sequel to the WH-1000XM4 over-ear headphones.
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