Meta is aiming to bring more gamers to Horizon Worlds with some new content offerings. Among them are Quests, challenging players to complete certain tasks to unlock rewards.

Now, within the Worlds Menu, Horizon Worlds players will be shown a Quests icon. An example Quest given by Meta is a task as simple as traveling to a new world, after which, users will unlock a “heart emote.” Other Quests could be trying on a new clothing emote or opening one’s backpack to change their emote.

With each Quest they complete, users will receive new rewards that they can show off to friends. Meta plans to continuously update Quests with new challenges and rewards.

As for its other updates, Meta has also brought a quick actions menu to Horizon Worlds for streamlined access to dictate one’s interactions with other users, such as muting, blocking or following them.

In other gaming news, a leaked video of the Sony PlayStation 5 Project Q handheld has surfaced.
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