German automotive tuning company MANHART and BMW have a long-standing relationship, having only recently reworked the M3 and M4, the X5 M Competition and the X7. Now, MANHART turns its hand to the BMW M2 Competition — the marque’s smallest yet still mightily potent sportscar.

In standard form, the M2 Competition’s bi-turbo inline-six engine produces 410 Hp and 550 Nm of torque, which is good for a 0-60 MPH time in four seconds flat. However, MANHART wasn’t content with this, so it tuned the unit to produce a healthy 518 HP and 700 Nm, which is sure is send the car on a sprint to 60 MPH in the mid-three second mark.

The special edition MANHART MH2 500 is limited to just 10 copies and each will come fitted with a custom rear silencer with four 100-millimeter-diameter carbon tailpipes, piped to deliver a robust and gurgling sound from the rear end upon acceleration. Additionally, new H&R suspension components have been added to aid chassis handling while the whole car has also been lowered for a better center of gravity, once again helping the handling.

MANHART takes visual cues from the M2 CS by adding a carbon fiber front lip spoiler, a rear deck lip spoiler, and a new diffuser, while a set of 20-inch “Concave One” rims finished in “Gunmetal Gray” have been nestled under the wheel arches and make the car look squat and wide. Lastly, MANHART adds its classic black and gold color scheme on the outside, and a new interior screen in place of a stock air vent to give the driver more information.

Take a look at the MANHART MH2 500 above, and head over to MANHART’s website to find out more about its tuned M2 Competition.

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