German tuning house MANHART is known for two things: its black and gold color scheme, and adding an immense amount of power to popular German cars such as this 900 HP Audi RSQ8 and the BMW M8. For its latest project, MANHART has shown what to expect from its upcoming BMW M3 and M4 tune — yes, the above images are renders, but chances are the real thing will look very similar to the illustrations.

While the aftermarket upgrades aren’t currently ready, we can see that MANHART’s MH3 600 and MH4 600 will be presented in the signature black and gold colorway alongside a number of visual and mechanical upgrades. For starters, the auto-tuning company adds its own badges all around both models, and gives the front, sides, and rear of both the M3 and M4 a carbon fiber update.

Lowering springs by H&R, “Concave One” rims measuring 9×21-inch at the front and 10.5×21-inch at the rear available in either black or gold, and a carbon fiber bonnet have also been added to the cars. As for power, MANHART has said that these seen above are just “Phase 1,” meaning a “Phase 2” tune will come with even more power. For now, the M3 and M4’s twin-turbo three-liter straight-six engine has been fettled with to produce 611 HP and 750 Nm of torque on cars in BMW’s Competition spec.

The power will be delivered through the company’s MHtronik Powerbox and will exit via the means of sound through two new exhaust systems, both of which will feature twin carbon fiber tailpipes. Take a closer look at the MANHART MH3 600 and MH4 600 above, and stay tuned for more information as news unfolds.

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