While doughnuts and barbecue wouldn’t instantly come to mind when you think of the United Kingdom, From The Ashes BBQ is taking its menu of smoked meats to a new level by packing a pork shoulder in between a doughnut bun.

The London-based restaurant recently started up this year by three chefs who were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The trio came together to debut a concept of BBQ and smoked meats which are ethically sourced from farmers around the country.

Recipes of Pulled Pork Doughnuts have seen the light of day in the past years but utilizing the meat of the shoulder isn’t of typical nature. The offering starts off with a handmade doughnut sliced in half and slathered with chili jam followed up with a smoked pork shoulder dusted with crackling and drizzled over with BBQ sauce. Another variation on the menu dubbed the “Nduja ‘Del Piero’ Doughnut” is the spicy alternative that swaps out the BBQ sauce for nduja — a spicy pork sausage spread.

For more information about From The Ashes BBQ and its doughnuts, head over to the restaurant’s website.

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