The last time we visited Lev Rosenbush, the New York-based artist created a series of unique vase ceramics, hand-painted with some of football’s most cherished shirt patterns. Bruised banana, that United ‘92 kit, they were all included. For his latest endeavor, Rosenbush takes the focus to Italy to create a bespoke set of espresso cups and saucer sets that will elevate your breakfast routine to decidedly Serie A levels.

Released under Rosenbush’s Studio HALFTIME imprint alongside the team at Art of Football, the collaboration pays tribute to Italy’s storied history in both football and ceramics. A small but essential part of daily life, these cups are meant to give “anyone having their morning coffee feel like a winner,” Rosenbush said in a statement. Sculpted on the base of the cup is the Italian tri-color cockade that has adorned the shirt of the Scudetto-winning team since 1958, which also doubles as a finger grip. Additional details include the green and red rosette at the center of the saucer to give the set a slight pop of color.

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For those looking to upgrade their coffee game, the Studio HALFTIME x Art of Football cup set will release via a holiday giveaway in the coming weeks. Please visit the artist’s Instagram and Art of Football for more information.
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