Despite trying to clear its name with an official statement, it seems that The North Face is continuing to push against Futura in their legal battle over the atom logo. The outdoors specialist previously addressed the lawsuit launched by the artist that claims it has co-opted his “stylized depiction of an atom” for use in a logo for a 2019 collection of waterproof outerwear called “FUTURElight.”

Gluck Law Firm P.C., the California firm representing Futura that focuses on protecting and enforcing the intellectual property rights of creatives, has offered an update on the ongoing lawsuit. According to Gluck, The North Face has filed a legal motion claiming that Futura has no trademark rights on the logo. The motion is centered around the basis that the artist “uses varied artistic versions of it.” Gluck has asked for TNF to withdraw their motion which was denied.

The law firm representing Futura believes if the motion is passed it will set a precedent for other companies to do the same to other artists and designers.

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