Italian automaker Lamborghini has teamed up with Movember, a men’s health charity organization to bring awareness to men’s health issues, conditions and suicide prevention all throughout the month. To kick start the initiative, Lamborghini coordinated one of its largest charity “bull run”s that took place on November 6, 2021.

The global event coordinated rallies in major cities like NY, Los Angeles, Sydney, London, Rome and Cape Town. Beyond the drives, the event also took place at 92 separate activations all over the world at Lamborghini dealerships and community meet-up venues. Client-owned Lamborghinis across its range took to the streets, from “humble” Gallardos and Uruses to the rarest-of-rare special edition Huracán STOs, Aventador SVJ Roadsters, and even an appearance of an SVJ “63,” all decorated with vinyl mustaches to honor the charity. Through careful organization with the cities, Lamborghini paraded the chauffeured vehicles to final destinations where the cars were photographed, posed, and organized to commemorate Movember – in New York City, more than 50 cars gathered at the Heliport and were parked in the shape of the organization’s mustache logo for the final event photograph.

Movember brings awareness to men’s health issues and conditions like prostate and testicular cancer, as well as mental health concerns and suicide prevention. The organization, with Lamborghini, has set up a charity donation page which has already gathered almost $200,000 USD, and will continue to collect for the remainder of November. Visit the Lamborghini x Movember charity page for more details.

Check out the recap images above and in case you missed it, we reviewed the track-ready, barely street legal Lamborghini Huracán STO for our latest Open Road feature.
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