Kylie Jenner is back with another Khy drop. After her first two collections sold out almost instantly – a black leather-led launch followed by a striking winter collaboration with Entire Studios – Jenner is readying for Khy’s Drop 003, which consists of a range of new fashion-forward casualwear such as sweats and tees.

Jenner fronts the campaign, flexing the cozy new apparel, which, this time around, is led by a captivating red color; all pieces are available in black and light heather gray in addition to red. Across a bevy of winter loungewear, Jenner puts her own spin on the seasonal classic fleece fabric, layering cold-weather outfits with both oversized and cropped silhouettes.

Fleece oversized hoodies are available in zip-front, pullover and cropped styles and pair cohesively with the collection’s accompanying multitude of pant options including the Fleece Straight Leg Sweatpants, Fleece Joggers and Fleece Shorts. Check out Jenner’s Khy Drop 003-curated outfits in the gallery below.1 of 4

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Khy/Cass Bird

Pricing for Khy Drop 003 ranges between $28 USD and $70 USD.

Peep the pieces before they drop on, and expect Drop 003 to arrive in full on Khy’s webstore on Thursday, December 7. Sign up for early access to the collection now.
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