Kate Ferdinand has shared her ‘anxiety’ during her current pregnancy, after suffering a miscarriage last year.

The reality TV star, 31, and footballer husband Rio Ferdinand, 44, announced over the weekend that they are expecting their second child.

Their exciting news means their family is getting even bigger, as the couple share two-year-old son.

Kate is also a stepmother to Tate, 13, Lorenz, 15, and Tia, 11, whom Rio shares with late wife Rebecca Ellison, who died in 2015.

Announcing that their brood is about to grow, the star shared an adorable video in which Kate unbuttons her coat to reveal a glimpse of her baby bump underneath a midi dress, writing that the pair had been ‘praying’ for their bundle of joy.

However, her pregnancy hasn’t been without its challenges throughout the first two trimesters, with Kate now revealing that the fear of miscarrying again is still on her mind.

Speaking on her Blended podcast, the mum-to-be said she’s being more ‘cautious’ this time around.

Kate also spoke about feeling ‘ungrateful’ for complaining about pregnancy side effects last time, so she’s trying to do so less now.

‘In my last pregnancy, when I had a miscarriage, I moaned constantly. I had a bad back, I had all these things going wrong… and then when, obviously, the miscarriage happened, I felt terrible for moaning and thinking now I was really ungrateful that I moaned the whole time.’

She then laughed: ‘I’m not sure if Rio would agree, but I think I’ve moaned a little bit less this time.’

‘I’m just really grateful that everything is going ok so far,’ she shared.

Going on to explain her cravings and side effects, Kate said she is constantly ‘ravenous’ and ‘can’t stop eating,’ which is different to how she ‘went off food’ the first time she was expecting.

During her first trimester, Kate felt very unwell and ‘nauseous’, but she’s felt ‘amazing’ in her second trimester – apart from getting shingles, which has taken over her life over recent weeks.

And while Kate feels ‘so excited’ to finally share her pregnancy with the world, she said she had been apprehensive to make their big announcement.

‘I’ve been a bit nervous to share it because of my last miscarriage,’ she confessed.

‘It just makes the whole situation a little bit more… anxious, you’re a little bit more worried and you’re really hoping that it’s gonna be ok.

‘Although I do believe in sharing it, we’ve told our family and friends, there’s still that element of doubt and worry, which I suppose you have throughout your whole pregnancy, but I’ve just been a little bit more cautious.’

She added that she now feels ‘grateful’ to be able to be ‘honest’ and let her followers know what’s going on in her pregnancy journey.

Kate revealed in July last she had lost her pregnancy at 12 weeks, saying at the time that she was ‘absolutely devastated.’

Writing on Instagram at the time, Kate explained: ‘The last time I was in this hospital I was having Cree, but this time it was because our baby had no heartbeat in our 12 week scan and I had to have surgery.

‘We were so excited & planning a space for our new baby in our family, we just couldn’t wait to share our news with you all, but unfortunately sometimes life just doesn’t go as we plan.’

The ‘heartbroken’ former Towie star then took a break from social media to grieve before returning to the limelight, receiving a whole load of love and support from fans.

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