Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s divorce seemed to come out of the blue for some fans, but the estranged couple were prepared financially when they decided to go separated ways. They signed an “ironclad” prenuptial agreement before they ever walked down the aisle, which was a smart financial move since they both had significant careers before they wed.

The details of their prenup were revealed by The Blast, which noted that they were both represented by high-powered Hollywood attorneys who made sure to take care of their assets. The 34-year-old musician will retain all of his music royalties from his two bands, Jonas Brothers and DNCE while the 27-year-old actress gets to keep her Game of Thrones money and residuals in her bank account. That seems to be a good deal for both of them.

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Jonas and Turner also retain ownership to “their image and likeness and businesses associated” with their image, which is an important issue in the age of AI. They will get to keep their homes if the deed was in their name prior to the marriage, but any shared properties will be placed on the market. That may be why the couple already sold their $15 million Miami waterfront mansion, they were liquidating their assets and splitting the revenue ahead of the filing.

The one sticking point is probably going to be child custody and support for their two daughters. It will be up to a judge to decide those complicated factors, especially since Turner has vocalized her wish to return to England. However, the former couple is already showing a united front with their amicable public statement, so they might be hoping to keep their children in focus and avoid any long-term battles by keeping the peace.

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