Following his latest release with Case Studyo, Joakim Ojanen has unveiled a new exhibition of drawings, paintings and sculptures at The Hole gallery in New York.

“The Part You Throw Away” explores Ojanen’s grotesque characters as they navigate the throes of adolescence. The artist places these eccentric figures in real-life situations to comment on the strangeness of daily life. Childish at first glance, Ojanen’s monsters reveal an emotional complexity that ranges from sorrow to ecstasy. The artist draws much of his inspiration from his own childhood growing up in Västerås — a town just outside of Stockholm.

In contrast to his drawings, Ojanen’s sculptures are often depicted alone, with their eyes raised to the sky as though they’re waiting for someone or something. As his second show at The Hole, “The Part You Throw Away” comprises some of Ojanen’s most emotionally considerate, technically masterful, and graphically outlandish works to date. The exhibition will be on view until December 31.

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The Hole
312 Bowery,
New York, NY 10012
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