Jigsaw is coming back to the big screen in the tenth film in the SAW franchise. SAW X, set between SAW and SAW II, sees the return of the infamous Tobin Bell as the franchise’s villain as well as his protégé Amanda – the first time the two have reunited since 2006’s SAW III.

Set in Mexico, the film follows John Kramer as he undergoes a risky treatment as the last resort to cure his cancer. Despite being assured that he’s “in very good hands” and that “the results [of the Mexico City program] have been stunning” thus far, it doesn’t take long for Kramer to realize something’s not right. “According to these scans, the tumor was never removed,” another doctor reveals.

Kramer is told he now has mere months to live – prompting Jigsaw to get to work on his latest game against the group of medical scammers. “Hello everyone, it’s time to play a game,” Jigsaw announces. “You all pretended to cure me, but what I have planned for each of you is very real.”

In what is described in the trailer as “his most personal game,” Jigsaw comes equipped to the scene with a slew of surgery tools. “The only thing I have not provided is your anesthetic,” he hauntingly reveals. Clips of each of the doctors and nurses in chains, electric chairs and other compromising positions flash the screen, while Kramer looks on from above.

SAW X hits theaters on September 29, about a month earlier than the initially intended release date. Synnøve Macody Lund, Steven Brand, Michael Beach, and Renata Vaca also star in the film.

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