Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs want your first time trying vegan cheese to be good, and so the comedic couple has partnered with Babybel to promote its plant-based cheese. “Tell me how that could not bring the spark right back?” Biggs, 44, told SheKnows. The actor and his actress-plus-author-plus-momfluencer wife Mollen joked their way through the interview, as they talked about many of their firsts as a couple.

“After that first sort of night, we really were trying to play it cool,” said Biggs, speaking of their first date. It seems playing it cool didn’t work for too long, as the couple was married just six months later. “And now Babybel is keeping us together,” said Jenny. “[They] forced us to try some new things.” For more of their witty banter and a good laugh, watch the clip above.

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