Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck thought they had their family home purchase all worked out with a $55-million property in Bel Air. Well, the deal fell through and now, they are on the hunt again and looking at Tori Spelling’s gargantuan childhood home, Spelling Manor.

The $165-million estate boasts 14 bedrooms and 21.5 bathrooms, and it has A-list amenities like a bowling alley, a 5,000-square-foot primary suite and a walk-in closet bigger than most clothing boutiques. Honestly, it’s perfect for Bennifer. The couple was dressed casually and looked relaxed as they were spotted strolling out of the property — Lopez in a stylishly ripped cream sweater and high-waist olive pants, and Affleck in a classic black sweater and pants. (See the photos HERE.)

The home was originally owned by TV legend Aaron Spelling and his wife, Candy. It was sold for $85 million in 2011 to English socialite Petra Ecclestone, who spent $20 million renovating the property. She put it on the market in 2019, where she made a substantial profit from the $120 million price, per Dirt. Now, the current owner hopes to make a $45 million profit by including all the furniture and decor in the sale. Will Lopez and Affleck put in a bid? They could always call Tori for further insight; she has some thoughts about living in Spelling Manor.

“The Manor was beautifully decorated. My mom has impeccable taste, but the rooms were large, and it felt cold all the time. Just because physically, honestly, they were too big,” she explained on Jeff Lewis Live. ”For me, it was big. I feel like our family, and it was a family of four. My mom, my dad, my brother, and myself. We spent time in the kitchen, the office, my parents’ bedroom, in each of our bedrooms. That’s it.” While Bennifer’s blended family adds five kids to the mix, and Lopez is known to roll with an entourage, this is probably something they will keep in mind before plopping down $165 million.

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