Despite starting its journey in England, Invicta set its foundations in the sunny region of Turin, Italy in 1921. Having gained a cult following for its iconic Jolly backpack, the label soon grew to new heights through decades of garment development.

For Invicta’s FW 22/23 collection, the brand has split the range into three parts: Heritage, Legacy and Trend — each tapping into the label’s century-long history. The first sees its inaugural logo, signature color palette and original textiles revisited with a contemporary twist.

Adopting a monochrome logo, Legacy represents the brand’s trajectory and impact on fashion. Employing non-toxic dyeing techniques using botanical colors as well as eco-friendly fabrics and genderless designs, a selection of essential pieces designed for the active wearer ensures comfort and durability are at the forefront of each garment. To round off the story, Trend is the more experimental concept of the three. As the collection’s most contemporary offering, the brand takes a stylistic shift toward bold colors and relaxed silhouettes, with designs enhanced for everyday modern city life.

Eco-conscious Thermore technology is present in all of the down jackets with the wider outerwear offering using eco-furs throughout. The collection is complete with backpacks and accessories designed through the same lens as the clothing offering.

Check out the campaign video above. For more information on the upcoming Invicta FW 22/23 collection be sure to check out the brand’s website.
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