Instagram has launched an all-new feature that will allow users to share feed posts and Reels exclusively with their Close Friends lists.

The feature, which has been available on Instagram Stories since 2018 and was later extended to Notes, looks to harness the growing number of users that actively utilize their Close Friends list as a “pressure-free space” to connect with people. “We hope this opens up more ways to be your most authentic self on Instagram while having more choices over who sees your content,” Instagram wrote in a release.

In the past, many users have created “finsta” accounts, or private accounts for interacting with a close circle of friends, to share this type of content; but with Instagram’s latest update, it’s likely that many of these accounts will be put to rest.

Here’s how the new feature works: before sharing a feed post or Reel, users will need to select the Audience tab and choose the option for Close Friends. From there, users can tap the share button, and their posts will appear on the feeds of the accounts listed in their Close Friends with a green star icon. Notably, users’ Close Friends lists will remain the same across posts, Reels, Stories and Notes.

Celebrating the launch, Lil Yachty will offer his followers an exclusive look into his Close Friends content for a limited time. Check out his Instagram account to see how the feature operates on the platform.

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