Roughly a year after Instagram launched its Shopping tab, the social media giant is now adding a “Drops” feature.

As you’d expect, the new section highlights various items and products that are currently trending. Accessible at the top of the Shopping screen, Drops will allow you to browse through things that are currently selling hot as well as highly anticipated future releases, and you’ll be able to purchase them directly through Instagram itself via Checkout. You can also set reminders for different Drops you want to stay updated on, bookmark them, or share them with a friend using Instagram’s direct messages.

Along with the Shopping menu, the host of e-commerce features that Instagram has launched over recent months come in an effort to further monetize the app, which is currently free to download and use. The company hopes to eventually take a cut from all the purchases made directly within the social media platform, similar to how Apple and Google take commissions for app sales and downloads in their respective app stores. Instagram has waived these charges so far due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, hoping to help businesses stay afloat or even grow during tougher economic periods.

In other related news, Facebook will now call out users that regularly share false information.
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