Opening in January 2023, Kaikai Kiki Gallery will be showcasing Hisashi Eguchi’s first-ever solo exhibition with Kaikai Kiki, entitled NO MANNER.

Eguchi’s artworks were first presented by Kaikai Kiki at Taipei Dandai and Art Basel Hong Kong earlier this year. Despite only exhibiting two large paintings then, the artist has since garnered a huge following for his contemporary art, which features beautiful women in a manga style. His highly-anticipated solo show will feature 15 new paintings based on the artist’s original drawings, and produced at the Kaikai Kiki Studio.

Speaking on this exhibition, artist, and founder of Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. Takashi Murakami said, “we are presenting his paintings that newly incorporate rules and methods of contemporary art into his work. The deciphering of this “rules and methods” may very well be one of the highlight of this exhibition.” Murakami also complimented Eguchi’s artistic abilities that traverse “across industries” and that he believes the many layers of NO MANNER will allow the viewers to grasp the essence of Superflat — the postmodern art movement that Murakami has been advocating via Kaikai Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd since the 2000s.

Hisashi Eguchi’s NO MANNER exhibition will be on view at the Kaikai Kiki Gallery in Tokyo from January 17 til February 7, 2023.

Kaikai Kiki Gallery
2-3-30 Minato
Motoazabu Motoazabu Crest Bldg. B1F
Tokyo 106-0046

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