Season 3 of Netflix‘s The Movies That Made Us goes over some interesting facts about 1987’s RoboCop in Episode 4. While many fans of the franchise have heard of how the works of Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama inspired the look of the science fiction action, it was never divulged just how crucial Sorayama’s work was to the film.

As revealed in the episode, the crew was faced with delays as they struggled to cast the right actor for the lead role. After Peter Weller was confirmed as the perfect actor for the part, another six months were required to have the RoboCop suit created and fitted to Weller by special effects and prosthetic genius, Rob Bottin. The issues didn’t stop there, as when the first iteration of RoboCop was created, the team couldn’t get over how bulky it looked due to its cylindrical chest piece and Greco-Roman-inspired helmet.

After several more drawings from concept artist Miles Teves, the team was given further direction for the look of the suit, requiring it to be “heroic,” “sexy,” and a “linage” of Detroit. The key word “sexy” jumped out where Sorayama’s first book Sexy Robot from 1983 was used as reference. After combining the chrome and smooth aesthetic with Weller’s form in a final sketch, both Bottin and Teves knew that this was the RoboCop they were looking for. Those interested in learning more can check out Season 3, Episode 4 of The Movies That Made Us, now streaming on Netflix.

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