Hendrick’s Gin has found a way to combine the best of gaming and enjoying a drink with their first-ever Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise. As the rise of gaming chairs begin to take over the community, Hendrick’s is unveiled its own limited-edition gaming chair, described as the world’s longest and least technological of them all.

While the matchup may be unprecedented, Hendrick’s chair is purposely designed for unplugged play. The handmade, seven-foot-long statement pieces is upholstered in tufted Hendrick’s green velvet, accented with copper, providing a stark contrast to typical black leather swivel chairs. The length of the chair itself would make it difficult for it to be situated in front of a computer or television screen. Instead, the statement reads that the chair “discourages any performance-driven efficiency and utility, and instead encourages casual cocktail sipping and an afternoon nap,” perfect for a day of R&R.

The chair also includes a bar cart situated next to the ultra-plush couch, further emphasizing its design for comfort. The chair is designed to support a broad range of non-computerized entertainment that involves cocktails and board games. Evidently not your typical gaming chair, it also comes with an amplified horn that allows users to call for additional drinks or supplies without leaving the chair. With retractable arms that hold cards and bottles, it allows users a free-hand experience.

Those interested can sign up to buy the limited-edition Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise online at Hendrick’s Gin. The chair costs $3,988.08 USD with shipping and accessories included. Take a look at the chair above

In other gaming news, Riot Forge has launched a League of Legends spin-off RPG Ruined King.

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