Hasbro has just unveiled its latest foam-flinging NERF blaster: Rival Curve. As its name suggests, the new sidearm is able to curve shots, letting you catch your foes by surprise when they hide behind barriers.

There are three versions of the Rival Curve NERF blaster. Each one has an adjustable barrel you can adjust to control the direction of your shot: twisting the barrel left or right lets you shoot around corners and twisting the barrel up or down lets you hurl shots over cover. This feature is actually an improved version of the “hop-up” Hasbro introduced back in 2015 as part of its Rival line. It basically sets the ball on a backspin as it leaves the blaster, and there’s an actual scientific term for it — Magnus Effect.

The Flex is the simplest model in the Rival Curve set, packing just a single-shot each time; the Sideswipe, packing a 12-round internal magazine; and the Helix, packing 20 rounds. While the Rival Curve lets you make some impressive curves, users will need to get pretty close to their targets to land the shots.

Though no official dates have been confirmed, the first two models in the Rival Curve line, The Flex and Sideswipe, are expected to land in March, while the Helix is slated to release exclusively at Target in the U.S. in August.

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