Seaweed has migrated into all corners of everyday life, from our oceans to clothing and now skincare. London-based imprint Haeckels is leading the revolution, using seaweed as the base of every product offering. Handpicked in Margate, Haeckels reengineers algae to hydrate the skin while providing essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Haeckels’ Algae Plump hones in on its natural craft, debuting the best-selling product in a nourishing campaign. Haeckels highlights its powerful serum that instantly enhances the skin, boosting your body’s natural hyaluronic acid production. The Algae Plump guarantees intense hydration while keeping your complexion soft and plump.

The Algae Plump features a particular seaweed specimen sourced from Britain’s Great Barrier Reef and includes wholesome Niacinamide and water-retaining HA particles for a glowing effect.

Take a closer look at Haeckels’ Algae Plump campaign in the gallery above and shop the item via the brand’s website for £28 GBP (approximately $34 USD).

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