The second episode of Forever Emerging, an original series from In The Know by Yahoo, brings together two Los Angeles-based brands who share an alternative approach to the world of fashion. Pairing established and emerging designers in a dynamic conversation, the second episode invites Guillermo Andrade of 424 to share his insights with David Friend and Rudy Grazziani of Worstok.

The latest iteration of Forever Emerging captures the relationship between 424 and Worstok, which Andrade wanted in his influential store on Fairfax after discovering the brand at a friend’s gallery event. “You don’t expect that you’re going to come across cool fashion in that environment,” explains Andrade. While it’s rare to instantly connect with a brand, the conversation between Andrade and Worstok highlights their shared appreciation for storytelling and affinity for highly distressed, but high quality pieces.

Designing elevated pieces with punk-inspired graphics or details that create “narrative and character and personality,” Grazziani says that their approach to Worstok “has to do with who we are as people and our upbringings, what we come from and the things we grew up with.” Although the duo didn’t intend to sell their first collection, they quickly developed new plans for Worstok with Andrade acting as a mentor. From fabric selection to styling choices, a mutual sense of understanding drives the relationship between Andrade and Worstok.

After watching a preview of the latest episode of Forever Emerging above, learn more about Guillermo Andrade and Worstok by heading to In The Know’s website for the full episode. In addition to Forever Emerging, the In The Know by Yahoo offers original short-form video content on fashion news and other expressions of youth culture.
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