Spearheaded by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, Gucci Decor is aimed at tapping into your inner romantic. Since he first joined Gucci in 2002, Michele has had a knack for reclaiming the regality and romanticism of traditional styles by injecting a modern twist. The new collection of highly-imaginative pieces is no different, and features everything from cushions to cutlery.

Michele expresses this aesthetic through a number of designs emblematic of Gucci’s history. Many of the design elements — like bold color combinations, patterns and the usage of florals — all reference Gucci’s catalog of eye-catching designs. Foregoing typical interior design notions, the collection is a hallmark of eccentricity and urges the user to customize freely. Made entirely in Italy, the collection also celebrates Italian art.

One of the many offerings in the collection is a range of blankets, quilts and cushions. Stars featured on the blankets are made from wool, cashmere and silk, while a range of new cushions serve as the perfect compliment for the cozy staple. The rectangular pillows feature a jacquard velvet base displaying the GG Daisy pattern and a contrasting back in tartan wool, black tassels at the corners and black corded trim. If your focus is on furniture, the collection also offers floral upholstered armchairs and footstools. Additionally, silver-plated cutlery featuring a lion head motif and the signature Gucci bee complement the collection’s plates and bowls.

Take a look at the collection in the gallery above. Gucci Decor is available in Gucci flagship stores and Gucci boutiques, online at gucci.com and in select specialty stores.

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