GOAT is hosting a new week-long shopping event titled Fall Exhibit. The digital event will showcase archival luxury pieces, rare vintage apparel and cultural artifacts.

Meant to illustrate the current state of style, the first exhibit will feature exclusive collections curated by artists such as A$AP Nast, Ama Lou and Soo Joo Park in addition to archival luxury and vintage specialists Horror Vacuo, Middleman, Tried and True Co., Tyranny + Mutation and Earthling VIP. Participants will have that chance to acquire 1-of-1 garments from the personal collections of the aforementioned figures.

“It’s evident that fashion is circular as we often see vintage staples paired with new pieces,” said Sen Sugano, Chief Brand Officer of GOAT Group. “We’re thrilled to launch this unique digital exhibit and shopping event with notable creatives and boutiques who bring diverse perspectives in style. These exclusive products affirm our belief in circularity as they continue to shape a global narrative that makes style more inspiring, meaningful and sustainable than ever.”

Additionally, some of the proceeds will benefit Color Compton, which is an organization that works with youth of color for opportunities in creative endeavors. The organization works to expose the students to art-based and creative mediums to tell their personal stories, build leadership skills and more.

Fall Exhibit is now live on GOAT and runs through Sunday, September 19 at 11:59 pm PT.

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