What started as a casual on-again, off-again fling seems to be over for good for Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio. The former couple is reportedly still friendly, but the supermodel knew that in the long run that the Oscar winner probably wasn’t the right fit for her and daughter Khai, 3.

A Hadid pal confirmed to Us Weekly that “Leo and Gigi aren’t together anymore” because her “first priority is her child.” They both had big careers and that really got in the way of them settling into a serious relationship. “They both travel a lot by nature of their jobs. But Gigi is taking more work that allows her to spend more time with her child,” the source shared. “And Leo still travels a lot and likes to go out a lot. And there’s temptation and all those factors had been concerns of hers.”

When Hadid really gave their romance some deep thought, she kept coming to the same conclusion — and we have a feeling a few of DiCaprio’s former girlfriends would agree with the 28-year-old model’s assessment of the actor. She “doesn’t want her boyfriend to be in and out going to clubs and events and working all the time.” The 48-year-old actor’s playboy reputation doesn’t line up with Hadid’s wish to be with a man who want “to be hands-on and a partner.”

In the end, Hadid realized that DiCaprio wasn’t the right fit for her quieter lifestyle. Her constant reservations about him made it clear that she didn’t want their relationship “to be that serious,” so they’ve are now “amicable” friends. DiCaprio, of course, wasted no time after his Hadid split hooking up with her modeling pal Vittoria Ceretti. Hadid has been spending her free time with music producer Cole Bennett as the take their friendship into a possible “romantic direction.”

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